Unattended Children

Bring Rebellious Classic Rock Vibe to Charlotte, NC Music Scene !

Alan Stroehrer, the maestro of lead guitar riffs, alongside the rhythmic heartbeat of Billy Demakos on drums and the soulful strumming of William Loya on rhythm guitar, have reshaped their former haunt, The Fetish, into an incubator for innovative sonic exploration.

 Breaking away from the constraints of conventional norms, Keeb Wilson of Temporary Empire storms the stage with his commanding lead vocals and fiery backup guitar licks, while Scott Grant, a founding member of Teratorn, Failure Drill, Third String Kings bands and owner of the LA TapRoom in Lancaster, SC; lays down the groove with thunderous bass lines, completing the sonic tapestry of Unattended Children's sound.

 Their studio recordings, brimming with raw emotion and unbridled energy, are readily available on Spotify and various streaming platforms. For an immersive glimpse into their electrifying live performances and the latest updates, fans can dive into their world through vibrant visuals and candid moments on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, accessible via the links provided.